Cutting-Edge Thermals and Acoustics

From the inside out, our engineers sweat every detail. Strategically placed ducts and fans streamline multiple airflow channels, keeping parts cool and quiet. Tool-free access makes upgrading components quick and easy. 

Phase Change Cooling

Phase change CPU cooling optimizes heat transfer, enabling better performance and greater reliability than traditional liquid cooling solutions. 

Fans and Venting

Sensors and proprietary algorithms detect when your system is about to heat up, activating the fans to prevent overheating during your toughest projects. 

Unthrottled Performance

Z's thermal technology keeps the processor and graphics card consistently cool, so they can run at max performance without throttling. 

Work, Play, and Create in VR

Elevate your workflow with a VR-ready desktop. Develop lifelike content with professional graphics and processor performance, and transform how you design, train, and collaborate. 

Tool-less Access

Evolve your work. Evolve your rig. With tool-less access to the interior, you can customize your Z by HP to fit your needs. 

Long Lifecycle

Minimize how often you have to refresh your PC with a machine built for longevity. This workstation is with you for the long-term.