The ultra-compact ThinkCentre M910 Tiny is packed with the latest technology found in full-sized desktops. Featuring the latest Intel® processors and DDR4 memory, this desk top can power up and load files fast, view rich content on up to 4 displays – think big and multitask with ease. With optional PCIe SSD, you’ll experience fast boot up times and files open faster than ever. What’s more, this ‘modular’ powerhouse effortlessly sits in the rear of the display or anywhere you want with mounting options to improve your environment.

Mount Tiny Anywhere

96% smaller than a traditional desktop tower, Tiny can mount anywhere to free up your space. Place it on a wall, behind a monitor or even a desk.

Packs a Punch

With the Intel® processors, and DDR4 memory, you can carry out intensive tasks with speed and ease. Optional PCIe SSD enables powering up in a flash, load files even faster and avoid delays.

The Power to Transform

Create your own ‘modular’ all-in-one PC by integrating it with a ThinkCentre Tiny housed in the back of a Tiny-in-One(TIO) display. Upgrade the display and Tiny separately to ensure more use from your assets over time-

Progressive IT decision makers who recognise technological performance as integral to empowering their business Busy professional requiring desktop-standard performance in a modular, portable device Mobile multitaskers who appreciate the versatility of multiple screen support that enables them to keep track, create, present – relocate and go.