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Upcycle is a Citi supported solution that aims to redistribute redundant hardware to staff at a significant discount. The initiative challenges the way we view our historic hardware, enabling employees to privately purchase equipment, enhancing both productivity for the firm and greater flexibility for the individual (e.g. employees who need multiple screens to work from home effectively). Upcycle is designed to benefit employees, the firm and the environment.

  • Rethink: the way we view our redundant hardware
  • Redistribute: equipment to the benefit of our employees
  • Reward: employees through offering a significant discount

Browse our wide selection of computers, notebooks, printers and more from every major OEM, including Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, and Toshiba. Shop with confidence as all purchases are covered by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee. This promotional discount can be used multiple times, and can be shared with friends and family.

Discount Amount: 15%

All discount prices will be shown in the shopping cart. Pricing on the cart review page will show your exact discount calculation. * Please note not all products are eligible for discount including but not limited to Ultimate Deals (The discount does not apply to the $99 PC and $149 Laptop), operating systems, shipping and sales tax.